The Sirsa School

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Chairman's Message

I still remember the days when we had first thought of venturing into education. As this was a totally new field for us, the only way to learn was to become students once again. Thus started a learning process of finding what the education process in the country was, is and should be. And after studying and contemplating various education systems both in India and abroad, emerged an education model to which we gave a name- "The Sirsa School". Why The Sirsa School? Because there are multiple paths to learning and a school should be a facilitator in the process. Education is not just about imparting knowledge, but also about training young minds with the skills of using this knowledge purposefully and effectively towards the betterment of self and society. The Sirsa School understands these evolving needs of education and takes on the challenges of providing an evolved learning process to enable students to be competent, thinking, moral individuals. Education depends on how responsibly all three - school, student and home -participate in the process of learning. A commitment to this tripartite process by all three is what makes The Sirsa School.

With Best Wishes