The Sirsa School

Festival Celebration



Nand Mein Anand Bhayo……………

Jai KANHAIYA LAL ki…………….

Woh Makhan ki chori, Wo natkhat sa vesh…….

Woh Kanha ki murli, Wo Radha ka prem………

Woh Gokul ki Gliyan, Wo pyar ka sandesh…….

Is janmahtami ho jiwan mein apke khushiyon ka parvesh…….

To have a shower of the blessings of Lord Krishna, we, at The Sirsa School, celebrated the birthday of the Incarnation of the Lord of this Universe, Natkhat Krishna in an ostentatious way. The celebration started with the procession of birth of Lord Krishna in the Prison of Dwarika and then the students presented the scene how he was taken to Gokul. Glimpse of such enchanted plays filled the surroundings with a pious spirit. Krishna leelas and Raas leelas in the form of plays and dance performances, under the dynamic direction of our dance teacher Ms. Neelam Tyagi, were organised by the Sirsians that mesmerized everyone presented on the eve. Students prayed Lord Kanha to incarnate again on this earth to alleviate the miseries of human beings. Lord Krishna was believed to be extremely fond of butter and curd and would attempt to steal it from matkas and pots away from his reach. For acquaintance with religion, our young ones celebrated this legend by organising Dahi Handi ceremony. Group of young Sirsians formed a human pyramid to break an earthen pot hung on a rope. The pyramid collapsed a number of times but the boys didn’t give up till the pot was broken as bystanders cheered them up. The enthusiasm in young participants made the festival of Dahi Handi lively and extremely euphoric. The celebration came to an end with the blessing and prayer of Principal mam Dr. Rakesh Sachdeva, She wished:

“May light, happiness and laughter prevail in everyone’s life through Krishna’s blessings”.